Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cubana <-- Loud,Sinful,Vicious...

Friday the 26th May 2006

16h20 "Last one at Cubana pays for the first two rounds!"

16h30 Arrive at Cubana.

16h40 Order first drink; Sevanna Light.

17h00 Conversations still quite reserved.

17h30 A round of Tequila(with orange and not lemon...why!) followed by a double Jack and double Lime.

17h45 Everybody seems happier (Services Manager more so than anyone else).

17h55 A round of Jagermeister followed by...yes...double Jack and double Lime.

18h00 Everyone is quite loud.

18h10 A round of Shaken Cherry and more double Jack and double Lime arrive.

18h30 A round of Shaken Cherry. I'm happy.

+-19h00 A friend arrives to join the party.

+-19h10 A hubly bubbly joined the table. It had a lekker cherry flavour.
+-19h30 More drinks arrive (Jack and Lime). Started a serious conversation with my Branch Manager. He seems like a nice chap. He has a lot of 'world knowledge'.

+-20h00 Dragons joined the party. They blew smoke out of their nostrils with a fearsome roar.

+-20h55 Branch Manager sweet talked two waitresses to have their photo taken. He left afterwards.+-21h00<-->+-22h00 The Services Manager and her friend left. We decided to go on. Why not...we were on a roll.

after +-22h30 Had loads of Shaken Cherry shots. Smoked a lot of hubly bubbly. Sweet talked a hot waitress with a tattoo. The waitress plays hard to get but I'm a smooth talker when I'm drunk. She became our waitress. She and I talked; we talked about her music tatses. She loves punk (coincidentally so do I). We exchanged band names. She loves the Spermbirds, I love Anti-Flag. I ordered Flaming Lamborghini. It was hectic! We followed it up with Liquid Cocaine and a slow slipper (I think it was Vodka Martini). The waitress and I talked some more. She's impressed by my tolerance for alchohol (I was as drunk as hell!). I asked permission to have her photo taken. She replied only if I was in the shot as well.On Saturday the 27th May at roughly 03h00 in the morning I arrived safely at home. What a night.

Monday, May 15, 2006


I finally got the photo's of the trip my friends and I took to Beaverlac at the end of last year. We really had a blast. We went on hiking trails, swam in deep rock pools, drank a bit (only the first night) and played Go.

We hiked 6km to a cave (which was only a hole in a rock-face). The hike was a real buntu-bashing experience drawing blood, skin and sweat.

Loads of fun!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Green eggs and ham

A fellow blogger (a very brave soul who shared her mugshot with the world) inspired me to start blogging again.

I am
  1. extremely lazy.
  2. usually the last one to 'get the joke'.
  3. usually the butt of the joke.
  4. the friendliest chap in the room.
  5. the quiet one in the corner.
  6. the loudest one at a party.
  7. always in the clouds.
  8. full of cotton.
  9. Sam I am (and I do like green eggs and ham).
  10. (Watashi wa) Shinigami Jaco.
All praise goes to da SilverSabre for sketching my alter ego!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ok you might think this is an ordinary apartment building at first glance. I thought so as well but when viewed from a different angle...

Fireworks display in Cape Town

I went to the fireworks display last night (even though it was 3 hours ago but hey it is after 12pm already). It was pretty cool! The display lasted half an hour. I sat with my family on the beach watching the fireworks over the harbour in Cape Town.

To those out there not living in Cape Town here is a clip to show what you've missed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My weekly quests

I have decided to explore the world for weird and wonderful things.
My firsts quest:
  • Weird and strange buildings
I'll post my findings daily. Here is my first find.

I presume this building is in Japan. :)

Rank statistics

Some stats on my rank in South African Go can be viewed at rank graph .

Monday, March 27, 2006

Confessions of an egotistical software engineer

"Miskien moet jy saam met iemand anders jou program struktuur oorgaan."

The above phrase caused me to have a mental breakdown today. Not withstanding the audicity of this person to ask me such a question but he is also about 300 hundred years old!

Upon hearing the despicable phrase above I raised my voice in anger expressing that there is no need for anyone to approve my design (he did not notice my anger because he is also deaf in one ear). I have been developing and designing systems for more than 6 years already! He probably only just recently learned how to double-click.

I must confess...I strangled my mind's one doubts my skill.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Board position

The above board position arose in one of my games I played recently. What move should white play to win the liberty race? It took me about 5min in the actual game to figure it out.